Our services and programs have created multiple 6 and 7-figure client businesses. Learn more here.

After $55M in sales,
we know a thing or two about scaling.

Tested and proven with high-volume eCommerce since 2011
Trusted by over 8,000 brands, CEOs and digital marketers
Over $55 million in verifiable personal and client sales

If you're anything like us, you've seen all the fads, fakes and scams in the online marketing industry.

You know the internet is flush with fake marketing gurus, "agencies" run by newbies with little experience, and too much information yet too little action.

We're here to change that.

We've been doing this since 2011, before eCommerce was "hot".

We know what it's like to spend years on your first 'big thing'. We've seen what it's like to make millions quickly. And we've also seen how fast things can falter without the proper foundations.

It's not easy. By any means.

Unless you have a proven path to 7-figures, spearheaded by a partner who's done it many times -- and truly cares about your success.

Because sure, we all want to make money. But unless we're doing work we care about while bringing others up with us, what's the point? 

At least that's how we try to approach business (and life!)
It's no surprise then, that we've been trusted by everyone from brand new entrepreneurs, to A-list brands including Martha Stewart and her "Martha & Marley Spoon" brand, 8Fit.com, Organifi, Babbel, and many more.

Put simply, working with us is the real deal.

No fluff, no B.S., no wishful thinking. Only highly-regarded marketers that know how to scale -- and a proven team to do the work for you.

So you can stop worrying about growth, and start enjoying your business again.

We look forward to working with you.

- Sayan and the Sark Media team

Guiding Principles

1. Ambitious & Achievable

We look for clients that are ambitious about growing, but also realistic. If you want to add a million to your business by next month, we're not for you.

2. Trust The Process

While it can get confusing with so many conflicting opinions and experts out there, we always stick to what we know works - and we suggest you do the same.

3. It's A Team Effort

Clients come to us because we have a proven team following a proven process. If one person attempts to run the show (whether a team member, or a client), results inevitably suffer.

4. Be Good To Others

Like point 3, teamwork makes the dream work. And to make that happen, we all need to get along and treat others as we wish to be treated. This rule always serves us well, whether in business or life!

Our Leadership Team

Sayan S

Founder & CEO

With 11 years in e-commerce and over $55 million in personal and client sales, Sayan leads the team at Sark Media, helping e-commerce entrepreneurs create their next breakthrough offer.

Eden B

Head of Operations

With a background in high-volume business process operations, Eden plays a key role overseeing customer service, finance, and supply chain across our brands, while managing resource allocation for Sark Media projects.

Rouie I

Head of Technology

When he's not powering through Ironman events, Rouie runs the show when it comes to web development, backend integrations, and overall tech prowess for our various brands and clients.

Where We're Active

North America

The majority of Sark Media clients are based in the USA or Canada.

Europe and the UK

We've worked with dozens of clients in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.


We've worked with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, and Singapore.
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