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This full-stack system could put an extra $336,000 in your bank

At Sark Media, a typical client stays an unheard of 17+ months -- and makes an extra $132,000 to $336,000/year based on cold hard data from our clients. The secret sauce is our full-stack marketing suite. As 8-figure eCom founders first, our expertise runs the gamut of copy, funnels, ads, tech, and more. This means whether we consult, coach or just do the work for you, results tend to come fast and in grand fashion. Let's jump in.


From 250+ Clients
Copy and Funnels
Omni-Channel Advertising
Full Growth Partner

Service Features

Funnel and/or Ads Copywriting
Design and/or Tech Setup
Customized Strategy
Users Allowed
Free Course Access ($495 MSRP)
Dedicated Project Management
Service Summary
Funnel design, copy, coding and setup
Acct setup, copy/creative, management
Full funnel build + ads + consulting
Additional Features
Per Product
Per Brand
Per Brand
Live Calls and Coaching Time
Kickoff & Wrap-Up
Kickoff & Monthly Review
Kickoff, 1on1 Calls, Messaging
Platforms Supported
Shopify, CF, Konnektive, and more
FB, Taboola, Google & more
Varies by business
Minimum Revenue Suggested
Program Length
One-Time or Ongoing
Ongoing (3 Months+)
From $4750
From $2750
From $10,000 + Rev Share

Based on 6 years of data, our average client adds $11,000+/mo to their business, with the top 30% seeing an extra $28,000/mo in growth

We recently compiled our client reported revenues since 2016, and the numbers are incredible. In fact, data shows that average clients who follow our strategies, but don't go 'above and beyond', see a strong $11,000/month in growth (that's over $132,000 annualized). Meanwhile, the top 30% "high achievers" nearly tripled the average. This group pulled in over $28,000/month in new revenue ($336,000 annualized), and many went on to build high 6 and 7-figure businesses.*
$5,000 per month
Without Sark Media
$16,000 per month*
Sark Media


Average revenue growth of top 30% clients after Sark Media*


Average revenue growth of all Sark Media clients*
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